With the development and advancement in technology and other fields of life, a lot of change and diversity was also observed in painting techniques. The initial concept of painting houses was to only make them aesthetically pleasing and good looking. However, as the time past and ample research was performed in this area, many different and relatively newer concepts and purposes of paints were introduced. House painters Strongsville Ohio also reflected upon their services and took innovative steps and put in all their efforts to be updated and move forward with these new innovations and advancements.


As mentioned earlier, these days the sole purpose of painting a house is not only to decorate and beautify it. There are other reasons why House painters Strongsville Ohio would offer their services as well for instance:

  • Certain paints have components that protect the walls from UV radiations of the sun.
  • Paints and varnishes also strengthen both the interior and exterior walls of the house.
  • Paints and good quality varnishes also prevent the weakening of walls due to the seeping of moisture.


House painters Strongsville Ohio specializes in providing services involving a lot of different paints. Each painting has a different composition and is used for a different purpose. The quality and the consistency of the paint depends on its specified purpose and usage. Some of the most common and basic types of paints and their usage are mentioned below:

  1. Primer Paint:

A primer paint serves as a base or a foundation for any paint. The purpose of the application of a primer paint is to fill in any gaps and crevices and to give the actual paint a smooth layer to adhere to. Using a primer is also important as it strengthens the paint by making a strong bond with it.

  1. Oil Based Paints:

As indicated by the name, an oil-based paint has oil as the constituent material. It has a glossy and shiny finish and is known as one of the most durable types of paints. It is extremely durable but it is applied in a thick layer which means that it needs a longer period of time to properly dry.

  1. Water-Based Paints:

The water-based paints use water as a constituent and these paints are a bit thinner in consistency as compared to the oil-based paints. They have a matte and simple finish and are less durable as they have a higher tendency to chip.

  1. Acrylic Paints:

Acrylic paints are water-based paints but they also have acrylic added in them as an additional component. The purpose of addition of acrylic is to strengthen the paint and increase its durability. Acrylic aids the paint in forming a much stronger bond with the wall and as a result, it becomes way more durable.

  1. Special Paints:

Keeping in view the most commonly encountered problems of the consumers and the demands of the market some special paints have also been introduced in the market such as :

  • Wipe off paints
  • Mildew-free paints
  • Moisture resistant paints
  • Weather resistant paints.