Basic Feature of Functional Table Saw

The design and functionality of the table influence the efficiency with which your woodworking projects get executed. This brief video about the table saw is about the pros and cons of the machine from the perspective of the reviewer. You can note down the points, make your own research into the technical and functional features and then compare them with the opinion expressed in the video. You will be able to take an unbiased decision.

Safety Parameters

  • The presenter in the video talks about two basic parameters of safety in the Dewalt table Saw. The first one is about the Rip fence. This is used to align the workpiece with your working direction and secure it from shuddering while you are working on it. This fence can be moved along the length of work table and fixed to a position of your convenience with the help of a latch. The pointer of the rip fence is always in alignment with the blade guard assembly to provide maximum protection to the operator. The table saw gives you options for installing this fence in two positions. The first is at 0mm to 60cm ripping and second one is at 2cm to 20.3cm of ripping. This allows you to use multiple types of workpiece on the same table.
  • The second parameter of safety is about the anti kickback feature. Kickback is a force exerted by the workpiece opposite to the direction of the force being applied on it. This can result in injury to the operator. Dewalt provides adequate support for the workpiece to prevent this. The anti-kickback assembly is protects the operator while performing thru-cuts. Since the assembly is located adjacent to the blade guard assembly, it provides maximum protection from every type of kickback.

Working Parameters

The presenter talks about multi functional aspects of the Dewalt blade and the guard assembly. The blade can perform many types of operations like thru-cuts, cross-cuts,        free hand cuts and angular cuts repetitively.

  • The blade assembly could be rotated at angles between -45 degrees and +45 degrees within the guard assembly. This feature is highly useful in performing dadoing, angular cuts, mitering and other operations.
  • The miter angle can vary from 30 degrees to the left to 30 degrees to the right. The bevel angle can vary from 0 degrees to 45 degrees to the left. The blade can perform deep cuts to 79mm at 0 degree bevel and 57mm cuts at 45 degree bevel. Maximum speed of blade can be increased to 4800RPM.

Portability Parameters

The total weight of the Dewalt table saw is 110 pounds. The stand is designed with flexible alignment with the table and the rest of working parts. This feature makes the table saw highly portable in nature.

Ripping Parameters

The design of the table saw ensures the ripping force stays between the work-blade and rip fence. The anti-kickback assembly absorbs all the reverse forces of kick emanating from the workpiece, keeping the operator and the workpiece safe.