Which is best DSLR camera? Canon or Nikon?

For me, Canon. Better warranty larger range of lens choices and support in addition to first-class technology in the camera. If you can afford it, get a 5D Mark II. This setup will cost a little more but is still significantly less than half the price of Canon’s flag ship line together with the just identical image quality results and can last you for years and you will not restrict yourself as your skills improve as time goes on. Plus experts will respect you for making an educated and sensible purchase. Then convert the fish eye right into a rectilinear picture with Adobe Lightroom applications from RAW. You won’t ever have more enjoyable capturing the world together with the sharpest edge to edge detail that money can buy. Yes sharper than the higher priced Canon L 14mm which costs $2800. That is the very best secret inside the DSLR camera world nowadays.Becuase it comes in the list of best vlogging cameras that’s why it is best

Best Vlogging Camera

best vlogging camera


This question is asked here about every single day and two dozen times each. But, of course your question differs and in these busy times who gets the time to seek and read ?

Both are not the case.

There’s not any way you’ll be better in relation to the camera in case you are just starting out with photography. That takes dedication, willingness to learn by receiving frank criticism on your work and reading about theory. Add to that the undeniable fact you are truly facing a difficult alternative and that performance and quality differences between the various entry level models are extremely, very modest.

Which one to purchase then?

That really comes right down to your own personal preference. Pick up a Canon T3i, a Nikon D3100, any recent DSLR or a Pentax K -r or K-x and see which one feels best. Choose one that feels good in your hands and lets you to correct shutter speed, aperture and autofocus point easily. In case you’ve got a close friend or relative that is prepared to enable you to borrow lenses then and also possesses a DSLR contemplate going for precisely the same brand.

Purchase a memory card, an 8gb group 6 is good, brand does not actually matter. A microfiber fabric, some kind of protective bag and a rocket blower. Take it home, plug in the battery charger while your battery charges and commence reading the manual.Find more about vlogging cameras here.


Now, go around and shoot! Practice!