Brand History: Top 6

Brand History:

There are nearly 150 tyre brands, which earned customers’ trust on the market all over the world. Some of them are worldwide famous, others – are popular with some definite categories of drivers. We are going to consider top-6 brands which are known to every driver due to the quality and proposed stuff diversity. Check the table below in order to get acquainted with the best of the best brands, and brief description of their way to success and present day activity. This information will come in handy for you while deciding which brand to choose and which one meets your requirements.

The present table will arm you with some basic understanding of the leading companies and brief description of their activity. In the table the companies are given according to their popularity.

Brand Name Country, est. Description Web-site
Goodyear The USA, 1898 Goodyear is globally one of the most recognized tyre brands. The history of its development began in 1898 when Frank Seiberling bought the first Goodyear plant using $3,500 that he had borrowed from his brother in law. Frank chose a new name for his company – ‘Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company’ after the discoverer of vulcanisation, Charles Goodyear.


The company started its activity with a line of bicycle and carriage tyres, horseshoe pads and even poker chips. Goodyear was developing dynamically and only 18 years later it became the leading company in the sphere of tyre production.


Nowadays the company has a reputation for innovations and developing advanced products.
Dunlop The USA, 1985 The pre-history of the company foundation is very captivating. John Boyd Dunlop watched his son cycling uncomfortably over cobbled streets. It urged him to wrap his son’s tricycle wheels in thin rubber sheets, glue them together and inflate them with a football pump. That is the history of inventing the first air cushioning system in history, which paved the way for the first pneumatic tyre. John Boyd Dunlop patented his invention and Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co.


Today the company is at the forefront of product development, having the reputation for producing exceptional performance tyres.
Bridgestone Japan, 1930 Bridgestone began manufacturing tyres in 1930 and have quickly grown into a large corporation. After purchasing its first Tennessee production plant and taking over the then-residents Firestone Tyre and Rubber in 1983 the company continued to buy more and more from Firestone – the 2nd largest US tyre manufacturer. The whole of Firestone Tyres was acquired by 1988 transforming Bridgestone into a global tyre company.


Now Bridgestone claims to be the largest tyre company in the world, which is world renowned in the motoring industry for their high standard of tyres.   Bridgestone tires offer a smooth and safe ride as well as good mileage for all types of cars, van and 4×4 vehicles.
Michelin France, 1889 This company story involves many twists, turns and innovations. Sicne the very beginning the company stamped its authority on the world tyre market.


In 1905, Michelin introduced the world’s first non-skid tyre and in 1906 they produced the ‘Miracle’ detachable rim to be used to great effect in the first ever Grand Prix held at Le Mans.


The company has reached high standards in safety, longevity and security, have won the respect and trust of millions of drivers across over 170 countries.
Continental Germany, 1871 Perfect cars need perfect tyres, as Germany is the Motherland of best car manufacturers, one of the best tyre brands was also established there.


The company was founded in Hanover, it started as a joint stock company. At the beginning, the company focused on soft rubber production for carriages and bicycles. The year 1898 was a remarkable for the company, since it started production of automotive pneumatic tyres. Further – more! In 1904 the company was the first to unveil tyres with patterned tread. 2002 was also a significant year – the company joined its forces with Bridgestone Tyres in order to research run-flat tyres for further development.


Nowadays, this company has the reputation of the leading and largest automotive companies, operating more than forty plants and testing tracks across all the world.
Pirelli Italy, 1872 As a family business Pirelli was established in 1872 and the company focused on electric cables production. Later, in 1984 the company progressed into the manufacturing of tyres, producing the ercole type cycle tyre. In 1902 their tyre journey really began, as they expanded and invested into rubber production and overseas plants.


Nowadays Pirelli is known for its association with Formula 1, so Pirelli goes on to do what they do best and developed a product that could compete at the highest standards.

The next articles will be available for you, containing more detailed information on the history of these famous brands.

Actually, while analyzing the information in the table, we can clearly trace the tendency – those countries of well-established car manufacturers manage to keep pace with tyre production as well. Now, you are aware of those top-rated trade brands, you can buy to be satisfied with your car performance. At the same time, if the mentioned brands are beyond one’s budget, it is possible to find other decent tyre companies, which also propose quite acceptable products. Remember – to choose appropriate tyres, be sure to check the latest tyre test results which will undoubtedly help you make your mind!

Choose wisely and be lucky to avoid unprofessional companies!