Broometime Accommodation – The best of the best

Cleanlier, Cheaper and Comfortable – Broometime Accommodation

Broometime Accommodation provides with a plethora of rooms for a variety of purposes, whether be business or pleasure, Broometime Accommodation will always have a place for you to tuck in. A place which can be a great bet for your money. Broometime Accommodation caters to two sets of rooms. The following comes under older style rooms:

  • Budget studios.
  • Family rooms.
  • King studios.

The other kind is the standard rooms:

  • Tastefully decorated studios.
  • Family rooms.
  • King studios.

It’s very hard to get such amenities at a price charged by Broometime Accommodation.


The amenities you get in Broometime Accommodation

The rooms of Broometime Accommodation are housing with:

  • Microwave ovens.
  • Hot plates.
  • Pots and pans.

Such amenities provide to cook for yourself whenever you want in Broometime Accommodation. It is a feature unavailable in most other places where you need to depend on the in-house restaurants.

Even there are additional facilities to brew tea and coffee as well as a fridge to store and preserve your food. It feels just like a second home.

Other amenities in Broometime Accommodation includes:

  • Irons and Ironing Boards.
  • Colour Televisions.
  • AC
  • Ceiling fans.
  • En suite bathroom.
  • Direct calling facilities from the room.

Broometime Accommodation – A haven for budgeted customers

The rooms of Broometime Accommodation is well-furnished and very comfortable. Inside the rooms you can get:

  • Flat Screen Televisions.
  • Cooking facilities.
  • Wifi Connectivity.

Travellers who are looking for a place to halt within budget, check in Broometime Accommodation before shifting someplace else. In addition to the cleanlier and cosy rooms, a warm hospitality is provided to all the boarders beforehand with assistance and advice whenever needed. Enrol your rooms right away before starting your journey for a rich and unforgettable experience at Broometime Accommodation.

Broometime Accommodation – A luring literature

Originally built in 1984 using brick work, Broometime Accommodation started out as a cable-beach resort at first and had undergone many changes ever since. It was known as the Ocean Lodge for many years, before becoming Broometime Accommodation. Located in Broome, West Australia, it is two storied building comprising of 58 rooms in total. It is primarily a self-contained accommodation with a motel as the secondary feature. Broometime Accommodation especially focuses on providing clean and comfortable facilities to their customers and make their stay memorable. The best time to visit Broometime Accommodation is any time – so book your rooms now – to etch a stay immemorial.

Broometime Accommodation – Customer is our God

There’s nothing to be cynical about the cheapness of Broometime Accommodation. With such cheap facilities, the standards remains high. Broometime Accommodation aims for a happy stay of their boarders and always strives to provide the ultimate comfort for their customers. Feel free to call in the number given in their website and follow the links flashed on their website for other remarkable features which they prize. They promise for a very memorable stay to their upcoming travellers.