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Phentermine is a psychostimulant drug prescribed to treat weight loss.  

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This miracle weight loss medication can help your body battle efficiently to put an end to the struggle against obesity. The drug works by inhibiting the central nervous system to suppress the appetite. This anorectic is to be taken at least an hour or two before breakfast for the drug’s effects to be felt throughout the day. The appetite suppressant works best with a combination of healthy low-calorie food and exercise. It is indicated for short-term use only as you will start feeling its effects within a few days of beginning medication.

Recommended Phentermine dosages:

Daily Dose:

A daily dose of phentermine must not exceed 37.5 mg. The dose can be commenced with a 15-mg phentermine.

Usage time:

If taken in one interval, it can be taken in the morning prior to breakfast or within 1 to 2 hours after the breakfast.

Usage frequency:

In general, this pill is only taken once a day. In rare cases, for individuals who are administering 37.5 mg of phentermine the dose can be divided into two intervals, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Age Restrictions:

Phentermine can only be used by adults who are older than 17 years.

Specific dosage:

It is best to consult a doctor to get individual dosage recommendation. As he will recommend the dosage after thoroughly examining your medical records, the possibility of side effects will be minimized.