Categorization of Keywords for PPC Advertising

The effectiveness of keywords in your website can be felt by the users when your website has keyword categorization. This may depend on each page, paragraph, H2, H3, H4 (sub headings) etc.  Besides you need to use keyword synonyms which can enhance the visibility of the web link to the website. For this you need to create separate categories for web pages. Page wise search results can increase the probability of website or its pages being listed in the search results. You might have observed such trends adopted by corporate and business class websites. This can make the users to land in any of the pages of your website by interpreting their keywords from multiple sections. The experts at can help your website achieve the best of keyword categorization related to your user experience.

Rank Boosting with Keyword Categorization

  • Search Engines like Google follow multiple links into a website for evaluating its visibility and ease of interactivity with the users. When the crawlers in its engine are able to find multiple links to the various pages in your website, they evaluate them with higher ranking criteria.
  • Categorization helps the content meaningful for maximum number of users. For example you can consider the keyword “Essential oils”. They are used in medicines, beauty products, therapy, massage, incense sticks and so many other applications. All the users may not use the same keyword for searching. When a user inputs the “incense sticks”, your website need to be visible to him since the essential oil is an ingredient of incense stick. This sort of approach can widen the scope of visibility for the users. Many of the users may at least visit your website once out of curiosity. Increase in their count will naturally result in improved ranking.
  • Categorization of keywords helps in improving the content quality. In some cases you may need to go for multiple levels and sub levels of categorization of the same keyword, by adding different synonyms. This will help in increasing the relevancy of your website and its pages for the search engines.
  • Categorization of keywords can help in making your website and its pages more appealing to the users. They start trusting your website as a genuine corporate entity. For example you can consider the website selling “antivirus” products online. This site creates multiple pages for each product to explain its different features and application areas. Interestingly all the pages and sub pages lead to the single main page in the website. In some cases the keywords are spread across multiple websites (sub domains) which eventually lead to the same product page in the main website. This method will also increase the width and depth of visibility to the users.
  • Categorization helps in increasing the circle of influence for your website and its pages and sub pages across various sections of users coming to the internet. Everyone sees your website as especially made for their utilization. This will naturally increase the scope of reach and effectiveness of ranking among users.