How to Choose a Proper CDN Solution?

A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is a network of servers located around the world. You place your content on these servers and then your documents, images and files are served directly to your target audience from these servers.

All in all, a CDN is considered to be rather effective in solving a number of web performance problems. Today, we’re going to speak about them and we will try to give you some tips and clues on how to find the best CDN provider.

Why Do I Need a CDN?

The necessity to apply for a CDN service may be determined by a number of reasons. Firstly, you may have some problems with your web performance: your web pages require quite a lot of time to load and this fact may influence on your SEO ranking and spoil your user experience.

Maybe, you earn money by broadcasting a video via the net. In this case, you certainly need a live streaming CDN to avoid a number of problems during a broadcasting session.

Finally, don’t forget about hosting expenses. A CDN is able to reduce it significantly. In addition, you get an excellent opportunity to place your content on a number of servers located around the world, deliver the content to its target audience faster and reduce your server’s burden.

If you own an online business, you may always need to analyze some data to understand what to do further. A CDN service is able to supply you with a well-rounded report about your website’s performance. Moreover, it’s able to reduce the cart refusal rate and enhance conversion rate by providing your first-time and permanent clients with a better shopping experience.

How to Choose the Best CDN Vendor?

The number of CDN companies is rather big, and sometimes it’s really difficult to find the one that will totally suit you. If you need a CDN, but you hesitate which provider to choose, you may always use a list of criteria to assess the existing CDN vendors and choose a really affordable CDN.

So here are the things to take into consideration while choosing a CDN provider:

  • Choose what kind of content delivery you need;
  • Find out where the company has its Points of Presence (POPs);
  • Get the details on the set of features you’re going to get;
  • Make sure that a company has a polite and smart support team;
  • Check the prices;
  • Choose a CDN with a quick and easy setup;
  • Find out if the company provides different solutions.