The Complete Survival Guide during Natural Disasters

The counties in the USA prone to the attack of tornadoes live under constant fear of survival. Their worries are not about the property loss or damages to the prospects of their income. Rather it is about the basics of survival with food, water, shelter and the clothing. Per person supplies of these resources will certainly come to critical points when the means of transportation get cut off from the main stream. In fact the entire counties get cut off from the main land. In addition there could be chances of outbreaks which further threaten the survival of people. These are the times when you don’t get any kind of external help at al. The website contains more information about the survival techniques. Food Supplies Cut off

The US air force and army has many divisions to supply essentials to the remotest corners of the country in case of natural disasters. But they too have limitations within which they work. If the weather conditions become highly volatile in nature, it is natural that they won’t be able to reach the locations for many days. In fact such cut off could extend for weeks and months. In such cases you will certainly need a survival guide which can help you overcome the entire crisis in the DIY procedure.

  • Hunting Techniques: – In the flooded lands there is obviously no scope for getting food supplies from the crops. In such cases you obviously have to depend on the hunting techniques. But it is clear you can’t go out into the jungles and hunt like the primitives did. This is because of the restrictions in the hunting zones and the kind of animals you can hunt. The other reason could be the distribution nature of forests in your region. If there happens to be no dense woods, your chances of getting the animals for hunting could be very slim. In such conditions you need to trap the small and medium size animals and use them as sources of food. The review at will give you detailed information about the best ways in which you can use the guide.
  • Food Preservation: – It is not only food gathering and hunting, but also the way in which you preserve food matters a lot. But most of foods including meat can perish within a few days, forcing you to increase the need for hunting and gathering. In such cases you need to learn about the various techniques through which you can process the meat and the foods to make them last for many weeks. The guide at will give you all the possible solutions under the sun and the moon to make it happen.

  • Water Preservation:- There are many ways by which you can preserve water. Most of the tornado waters you get will be polluted and hence non-consumable. It is only the rain water which you can preserve. The link at will give you the most practically possible suggestions about preserving water for as long as months.