Design Features of DEWALT Table Saw

The DEWALT DWE7491RS has many design and functional features which enable you to make that perfect furniture you have always dreamt of. You can know about this table saw when you learn about the options for crosscutting, mitering, beveling, cutting, dadoing and ripping functionalities. However it has certain limitations too. You may not be able to use it for cutting metal, concrete and perform masonry work. But these limitations don’t necessarily make its efficiency lesser in any manner.


Mechanical Parts

  • Rip Fence: – The rip fence is one of the key elements of the table saw. This can be moved across the table to any position according to the dimensions of the workpiece. This provides perfect alignment with the saw’s blade at runtime. Once you make the adjustments in the initial stage, you can continue with the same throughout the process. This can provide the most accurate cuts while working with the workpiece.
  • Blade: – The table saw blade is another important component. This needs to be aligned with the rip fence to get the best of results. The straight edge of the table is always positioned in a manner that it comes at the center of the blade diameter. The number of “teeth” in the blade determines the type of application for which it can be used. You may opt for combination blade or a generic purpose blade depending on your need. The combined blade can be used for cross cutting or ripping applications. The teeth are spaced evenly to give you the fine finishing on the workpiece. This can be observed when you use a wooden workpiece. Beveling of the teeth is done in an alternate manner. This feature ensures of maximum working efficiency and near zero reverse impact while working.
  • Work Table: – Work table is one of the fundamental parts of the DEWALT DWE7491RS. This has a mobile design and can be moved to any location of your choice. On this platform you can place long and short panels, boards, logs and many other types of workpiece for operation. The table is designed to be flat with literally no angular deviations at any point.
  • Splitter: – The splitter is an important functional component of the DEWALT DWE7491RS table saw. This is made of high quality steel and it works perfectly in coordination with the blade. The splitter guard takes care of protection to your body and also helps in avoiding serious kickbacks during the operation of the machine.
  • Dust Port: – The detachable dust collection port can be used to safely collect the sawdust and pieces of wood at runtime. This helps in avoiding the clutter on your table.
  • Throat Plate: – The throat plate of the DEWALT DWE7491RS is mainly used for preventing the tear out of workpiece during operation. This is another protective feature for preventing the kickbacks at runtime.

All the design and functional features of the DEWALT DWE7491RS are derived from the efficient working of the mechanical parts listed here. However these are only the basic parts.