DO’s and DON’Ts for an SEO COMPANY

Every SEO Company claims to give the Best Business Solutions and be the best in the market, but how many actually deliver to what they promise! There are ways and means of appearing on top of the search list, some are ethical and some are unethical. So before investing in any SEO FIRM, it is important to know the DO’s and the DON’Ts for SEO.

Do Know the Right Keywords:  It is imperative for SEO Companies to know the right keyword’s to give better visibility. Then comes the usage of those keywords in the most effective manner. Keywords help the most in getting the desired search result, hence using the right keywords would bring in wider visibility which would eventually fetch profit for the business, Which is the primary concern for  SEO agency in Kolkata.

Do Link the Keyword with the Content:  The content needs to be built keeping the keywords in mind, it should be relevant to that of the title wherein the keywords are used. Google as a search engine allows ‘Fifty Five ’ characters to get the desired search result. In fact now the search engine algorithms recognize both text as well as vocal language meaning which repeating the same word is not required.

Do Use Appropriate and Relevant Content: After working on the keywords for optimal results the spotlight comes on the main content for which the entire work  is done, So the matter should keep the readers engaged and involved. The language should be clear, simple, crisp and absolutely relevant.

Do Infuse Images and Links: Creating links as well as backlinks (Not Many!!)  is a good idea for  SEO Companies and should be a combination of internal as well as external links. Having images also contribute in optimizing the search results. Appropriate links and images make viable business profits .For internal links keyword ranking is also very important.

Do have Mobile Friendly Webpage: In the fast growing world of smart phones where there is an app for everything  and over 72% of the clicks are coming from it’s users, Hence  the need for a mobile friendly website/ web page arises undoubtedly. So do Contact SEO KOLKATA!

Do Maintain Transparency : One of the main aspects of SEO Kolkata is to maintain  complete transparency with the client in terms of their Terms and Conditions. The clients are well informed about the changes that are made to their site or techniques that are being used to keep them up on search engines. Using ‘White Hat ’ tactics is one of them, but it is well within the norms and guidelines of the Google.

Don’t  Use Too Many Backlinks or External Links: SEO companies in Kolkata do not use too many back links to give greater visibility and rank up in SERP. This is an unhealthy practice and Search Engines such as Google can even Ban the site for lifetime. Do not link to Adult sites.

Do Not Repeat The Keywords Extensively:  Do not repeat the key words extensively as it increases the bounce rate and affects the ranking. Instead of repeating the Keywords use synonyms so that search engines can carry the search and give better results.

Do Not try Fooling the System: Getting attached to link networks, buying back links or opting for hidden links for increasing SEO is actually not a good idea anymore as Search engines can now identity such tricks and have actively starting penalizing. Search engines would actively rank your content down so that means no matter what you do your content would never rank up, even worse there could be an imposition of a lifetime ban .

Do Not use Irrelevant Content:  Make sure the content is relevant and matches up with the Keywords or else even after ranking on top, it won’t do any good to your business.