Effective Skin Whitening Treatment Methods

Inhibition of Melanogenesis is said to be one of the most effective skin whitening treatment methods you can get. This process needs to be achieved naturally in order to get maximum results and prevent side effects. The action of natural inhibitors are said to be towards Tyrosinase. The treatment method is to isolate this element from the points where melanin is generated. Once this is achieved, the generation of melanin naturally gets inhibited. But process can be achieved only under regulated conditions where the phenomelanin levels are unaffected. Many of the skin whitening treatment methods pay special attention to this aspect.

skin whitening treatment

Ingredients of Skin Whitening Treatment

The ingredients used in skin whitening treatment are supposed to be free from any harmful chemicals, if you wish to achieve any meaningful results.

  • This process may vary among individuals. This is due to unevenness of melanosome distribution and the concentration of melanin. So there is a need to determine a single method which can address to different individuals skin with varying concentrations of melanin. The skin whitening treatment cream is said to be one such method.
  • Natural ingredients like the lemon extract can play an important role in controlling the melanin production. The synthesis of such ingredients with other elements like Kojic acid, Liquorice, mulberry and vitamin C can have long lasting effects in the skin whitening treatment. You need to search for products which have one or more of these elements as essential ingredients.
  • The accumulated levels of melanin have to be eliminated or reduced in order to get effective results from skin whitening treatment. This can be achieved by controlling the activity of Tyrosinase within the skin layers. The protein content within the Tyrosinase has to be reduced to make it ineffective. Many studies and research works have been conducted in this direction. Among them the absorbance method was found to be the most effective. This method is implemented in the skin whitening treatment since then.
  • The extract of Embilica has been found to possess the characteristics of absorption. This ingredient can effectively reduce the activity levels of Tyrosinase in the skin layers.
  • Adding the natural Kojic acid with skin moisturizer has been found to produce effective results in skin whitening treatment. The combination can also protect the skin from oxidizing agents which the skin tends to absorb from the surroundings.

Melanin Inhibition in Skin Whitening Treatment

The levels of melanin within the skin layers can be reduced only to certain extent. It is expected that the skin whitening treatment can achieve this without disturbing the natural balance. As you are aware melanin has two main types, namely the EU-melanin and Phenomelanin.

  • The concentration of EU-melanin has to be reduced for increasing the skin whitening effects. This can be done by selectively analyzing the ingredients before they are used in the skin whitening treatment.
  • The ingredients are tested for skin irritation, inflammation and other side effects before being introduced to be part of skin whitening treatment products.