Before you approach your personal injury attorney in New York you need to know about his educational, professional and personal history to get assurance that he can handle your lawsuit successfully on your behalf. For this you could refer to his website and read through reviews and feedback from the existing clients. Alternately you could also talk to him directly and get your doubts clarified. You can find many lawyers in New York who speak openly about their background and experiences factually. For example you may find some of them at

Education, Expertise and Experience

  • Your potential attorney needs to be a law graduate and have specialization in personal injury law or experience in handling personal injury cases.
  • He must have taken the cases to the stage of trial in the court of law and have experience in representing the injured as well as the accused (defendant). This will certainly qualify him as your perfect attorney since he is able to think like the defendant lawyer who will be up against you in the court of law. That means he will be able to predict the probable moves by the defendants and prepare to take possible counter actions to nullify their actions.
  • If he is specialized in handling personal injuries as a major part of his profession you can trust him for his ability to handle the case from the legal points specified in the personal injury law. Even when the defendant lawyer tries to twist the meaning of a specific section or the clause, he will be able to identify the intention and take corrective actions in the court of law to counter such attempts.
  • The years of experience and the number of personal injury cases he has handled successfully matters top you the most. To get more details about it you can go through his website in detail. You can also ask him a few questions about the validity of your claim according the personal injury law. This is said to be an important factor which matters the most in the court of law. You will now see why it is so.
  • In New York, the personal injury compensation will be based on your share of the fault as a victim. This is probably due to the common notion that the entire fault may not be on the person who has caused you the injury. According to the personal injury law if your fault is more than 5 out of 10, you may not be eligible for the lawsuit. In some cases the compensation could also get reduced depending on the share of your fault on the scale of 1 to 10. Hence you need to know about these details from your attorney point blank.
  • In some instances the person who has caused you injury might be ready to pay the compensations from his part to you, since he might also claim for the accident from his insurance company. In that case your attorney may need to handle the case only with respect to your insurance company.