Some Fun Facts About Cool Math CUPCAKERIA That Makes It Fascinating


Are you a person who loves to play games online that are both fun and exciting then you should know that Cool Math CUPCAKERIA is something you don’t want to Miss. It is perfect for summer days where you get to be the real owner of an ice cream shop and use your speed and quickness to satisfy your customers when they come. You can enjoy making so many sundaes with different ingredients and will help you understand everything about hoe real ice cream shop works.


You’ll give to cover everything in the area of your restaurant. With new controls are designed to operate right at the palm of your hands. You have to jump over into different stations to combine them from ice cream to cupcakes and much more. The game’s hand on experience will drag you even more into the fantasy that you never want to leave it.

There is a reason why this game is most suitable for young kids that will help them educate and give them enough knowledge to understand what real ice cream shop works.

  • How many levels this usually has in one area?

This game has more than 30 levels where you take orders from your customers for making cupcakes, and the great thing about it is that it has a save slot where you can save all your progress and continues to the next level. There are approximately 90 levels you have to cover,

  • What are the new features it offers related to its gameplay?

Your job begins from building a station and takes to the top using upgrades. The game play of it is very simple its controls are designed to work on both small and large screens. You can buy upgrades from coins and build a multitasking cupcake shop.

  • Which are the platforms it is available to play?

You can play cool math CUPCAKERIA game on Android and IOS devices, and if you prefer to play on large screens, then you can play it online on your computers as well. It is free to play and all those hours you spent will worth it.

  • Are there any cheats you can use to surpass every level?

The game built with a simple aim is to make sure to educate people of all ages where you get the order from your customers and make it and then delivers them you earn a big tip for it. But if you ever get stuck or fail to upgrade your restaurant then you can use cheats that will give you solutions with unlimited related to this game you can find them online.

  • Why should you play it in the first place?

It is the most addictive game you’ll ever play online who is too much fun and you will never bore from it. By using different toppings and other ingredients will make feel like a real cupcake shop owner.