Get Ahead With Eyelash Extension To Make Your Eyes More Gorgeous

Thick and long eyelashes have been considered as the perfect symbol of a woman’s beauty till date and will also remain the same. With numerous ways being available for eyelash extensions, now women can go ahead with their dream of having those sparkling luscious bright eyes anytime. Bid bye to the boring process of applying mascara each time before you step out of the home with eyelash extensions Vancouver WA.

Understanding eyelash extension and its types

Lash extensions basically are a method of making your existing eyelashes longer, thicker and extended than their natural state. In this respect, it is important to note that eyelash extensions Vancouver WA is of two type- permanent and semi-permanent. Don’t confuse eyelash extension with false eyelashes. False eyelashes are worn along with the makeup and are later taken off at the time of wiping out the makeup. But lash extension as said is permanent and semi-permanent that is it remains into effect for a considerable time period. This article throws light on the both the type of lash extension to help you understand the difference between them and make a choice.

Eye lash perming

Semi-permanent lash extension- Professional and DIY technique

Starting with semi-permanent lash extension, if you go ahead with the home based lash extension kits; you will come across various lashes differing in size, color and curls. All you are required to do is get a lash meeting the texture of your natural lashes and fix the same upon them using adhesive. But you need to be more careful and precise in action if you are going ahead with the use of DIY lash extension kit. Only if the application is done neatly, you will be getting the result of your desire. Moreover, the eyelash quality also plays an important role in uplifting the beauty of your eyes.

DIY do possess the chances of getting the process wrong which is why it is suggested to go ahead with a professional offering eyelash extensions Vancouver WA.

>A professional will be able to suggest you with the right choice of eyelashes keeping into concern your lash style in terms of color, curl intensity and thickness.

>You will get a spa environment where professionals will get the process done while letting you relax.

>For long lasting effect, getting the touch up done after 3 to 4 weeks is perfectly OK.

Hence, though the professional method is a bit costly than the DIY technique, but compared to the latter, you can expect to gain perfection upon taking up the professional eyelash extensions Vancouver WA service.

How is permanent lash extension different from the semi-permanent process?

Coming to the permanent extension, it involves implantation of new hair follicles on the eyelids. This is done in a surgical session. These follicles will thereby grow in to the eyelashes and will appear longer and thicker. The professional will adjust the intensity of their curl and get them trimmed as they continue growing to ensure the same appear natural. They promise giving your eyelashes a fuller and complete look. However, compare to the semi-permanent process, it is a bit more expensive. But it is worth the expenses as the same is long lasting.

Final thought

It can be rightly said that eyelash extension Vancouver WA eliminates the need of applying any eyelash thickening creams or curlers or mascara. Thereby it is a perfect choice you have in hand it you want to have thicker and longer eyelashes.