Get Ready To Groove Your Mind With The Sound Of STS9

What is STS9? What does it stands for? STS9 is an abbreviation for Sound Tribe Sector 9. They are a band heavily influenced by the genres of electronic music, jazz, funk, electronic rock, hip hop and psychedelic sounds. They are a native of Georgia in the United States of America and considers their own music as a form “post-rock dance music”. Whenever you are in a show of STS9 Chicago, you are bound to expect musicality with live rock instruments fused with electronic sounds. It was announced in the year of January 2014 that the bassist and founding member of the band David Murphy was leaving. He was soon replaced with Alana Rocklin who performed full with the band from the month of March in the very same year.

STS9 chicago

A basic history of STS9 – When did they started out?

The band was originally founded in the late 1990s in Atlanta and it had never been a turning back for this group, as they progresses both musically as well as socially. They are always at the top when it comes to touring different areas in the country and it is expected to be a full sell-out during each of their performances. They have also opened for several famous bands and performers like Pretty Lights, Snoop Dogg, Outkast and NAS. Apart from these large and small concerts in which they performs in, STS9 Chicago have a very unique presence in the music festivals. They had performed in festivals like The Outside Lands, Wakarusa, Electric Forest Festival, Moogfest amongst the most prominent and famous ones.

Why to look out for them – A reputed portfolio

’Til date, STS9 Chicago have released eleven albums in total, with two remixed albums and multiple copies of DVD lines. They have been fortunate to produce each of their records by themselves under the label of 1320 Records. This record label was created with a sole focus on collaboration, cooperation and community. They had re-invested their money and profits earned from this level into several charity works and other foundations. They have also produced more than a hundred artists and over a thousand of releases.

Not Just in music, but they are everywhere, especially for societal upliftment

Apart from their prominence in the musical industry, STS9 Chicago believes in the values of giving back to the society. It is almost uncountable about the charitable endeavours that they were involved in this past decade. They were a band who joined hands with Conscious Alliance to accompany foods in their concerts for distribution. There had also been involvement of this band in environmental pursuits. In the year of 2006, they had toured to different places around the country in a carbon neutral van. The power to their concerts came from renewable energy and donated money from their concerts for offsetting carbon emissions.

STS9 – An exemplar to all the musical bands present out there in the world

It is true that STS9 Chicago had been phenomenal in the successes with their music and had been bestowed with awards and accolades, both national as well as international, but it is more than just music to which their avid fans can relate to. It is for their charity work, whereby they had worked like messiahs in giving back and bringing crude changes to the society.