Who Handles Veterans Affairs 2016

Department of Veterans Affairs is the official organization that handles Veterans affairs related to their social, financial, health, educational, family and other benefits. The organization was established as an independent entity in the year 1930. In the year 1989 it was brought to the cabinet level. It uses the Functional Organization Manual as the main document for deriving its structural and functional standards. ( http://veteransday-2016.com/50-famous-sms/ )

Departmental Goals

Main goal of the department is to promote a dignified standard of life for veterans and their families. In this process it ensures medical and health benefits, financial and social support and recognition of veteran’s contributions. The other goals are related to the main goal in one way or the other.

  • Ensure timely distribution of funds, pension and other financial benefits and rewards to the deserving veterans and their family members without delay.

  • Ensure timely availability of medicines, treatment and surgery to the veterans and their eligible family members.

  • Ensure continued improvements in the offered services and departmental management processes.

  • Ensure proper empowerment of veterans for improving their standard of living.

Departmental Structure

Department of Veterans Affairs is led by the Secretary of veterans Affairs (SECVA) at the helm of organization. SECVA controls and directs the administrative and functional aspects of the department. The others in the hierarchy are Deputy SECVA, Chief of Staff of Veterans Affairs, administrative officers, staff officers, health administrators, veterans benefit administrators and national cemetery administrators. They are followed by the assistant secretaries for the respective departments.

  • Communication with the White House is a regular affair of the department. All the procedures related to framing of policies, their implementation and changes are in accordance with the recommendations and advices from both the entities.

  • The department has a mission statement which ensures social, medical, family, educational, financial and other forms of security and benefits, with continued enhancements over time.

  • The department maintains official relations with many non-governmental organizations in order to ensure speedy and wide spread implementation of its policies across the nation.

  • The department engages public/organization interaction through seminars, awareness and contact programs. These programs are aimed at better understanding the changing needs of veterans and their family members to make provisions for service level improvements.

State and District Level VA

The department of Veterans Affairs has its branch offices all the states, districts and cities across the nation. It is split into main divisions of pacific, continental, south east, north Atlantic and mid-west. Each division is further split into sub divisions. They ensure timely and personal interaction with the veterans living in remotest corners.

As a veteran you can approach the nearest branch office of the department of Veterans Affairs and register to get the benefits. You could also visit the website of the department of Veterans Affairs and submit your online registration form. Once you have completed the formalities of documents submission you will be included in the circle of veterans benefit schemes. The policies are implemented uniformly all over the nation.