The bell, although it is one of the appliances that go unnoticed in your kitchen, is one of the essentials. Its role is to filter the air to prevent it from being loaded with odours, smoke, and grease. But what happens if you do not have an air evacuation duct in your home? Can not the extractor fan be installed? What solutions do I have? Here you can read about EXHAUST SYSTEM

There are two primary methods of cleaning the kitchen exhaust ducts:

  1. Scrape.
  2. Pressure washing or steam cleaning.

The primary method for cleaning kitchen air is used in Arizona is scraping.

The scraping alternative is pressure washing or steam cleaning. This is a technique that consumes more costly and time since it requires a considerable work of preparation for the control of wastewater and the most expensive equipment is getting involved. However, this method will clean the conduits to bare metal.

In Action Pipelines, we frequently do pressure washing of kitchen exhaust pipes, as well as scraping. This is done for a variety of reasons.

A frequency that Must a Kitchen Escape Clean?

EXHAUST DUCT frequency which most of the kitchen required is every three months, but it may vary, however according to the requirement. The exhaust systems that need cleaning most frequently are the main firewood or charcoal stoves. These should be cleaned every month at least, and in some cases as often as every two weeks.

Below are the different types of cooking establishments and their frequencies of cleaning most commonly recommended.

  • To blaze wood or charcoal heater, char chickens, 24-hour eating place, and some burger places need Kitchen Escape Clean after every 30 DAYS.

Many hamburger restaurants and fast food places: 60 days.

  • Average restaurant, the cafeteria for employees, hotel or hospital kitchen: 90 DAYS.
  • Pizzerias, convalescent hospital, small snack bar, bell oven: 180 days.
  • Bells plus Non-grease creating the machine, for example, steam boilers, dishwashers, soup vats, etc. need Kitchen Escape Clean after every one year.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a standard part of the routine maintenance of any cooking facility.

Things to keep in mind when installing a hood

One of the aspects to keep in mind when installing a hood is to check if it has a good air outlet. If you do not have it, or the system is deficient, the most effective solution is to install the hood with the recirculation system.

This system cleans the air inside the hood. The hood sucks in the air and through the activated carbon filter filters it to remove grease and odours to return the purified air to the kitchen.

The main difference concerning the hoods with air outlet to the outside is that in the recirculation air returns to the kitchen, while in the other system the air is expelled to the outside.

Finally, remember to clean your bell regularly. It is essential to have clean filters for proper aspiration and filtering of the air.

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