Juice making to revolutionize with SKG Juicer

Nowadays, having ample amount of water and juices has become very essential in order to maintain a healthy body. Juice can be had from various sources such as different fruits and vegetables like oranges, apples, pineapples, carrots, wheat-grass, etc., each having its own enriching feature to gift the human body with goodness. Today, all these juices are available in the market as packaged drinks but these are not at all advisable because of the presence of pernicious preservatives in the juices. People generally tend to be inclined towards these preservatives-based juices due to time-efficiency but this is not at all healthy for the body. In that case, it is always advisable to go for juicers to make fresh homemade juice and SKG juicer is just a perfect juicer to cater to all kinds of needs related to making juice.

Fabulous features of SKG juicer:

One of the top-rated masticating juicers is the SKG juicer that has held the 8th position amongst the most splendid juicers in the market today. In general, there are manual and masticating juicers broadly. However, there are centrifugal juicers and blenders as well apart from these two although the first two are used more extensively.

Now as manual juicer is more suitable for preliminary purposes and has got few limitations due to the requirement of manual intervention, inability to produce vegetable juice, etc., therefore, the importance of masticating or more-mechanized form of juicer is far more than the manual juicer. SKG juicer is one kind of masticating juicer that has the following fantastic features, which really make these one of the most preferred juicers today:

  • The SKG juicer provides the best yielding juice from both fruits and vegetables with equal intensity that extracts the last possible drop without any wastage.
  • It is reviewed as one of the most useful masticating juicers because of the slow speed juicing, double stage-wise juicing, anti-oxidant juicing feature, one-month of free trial and ten years of warranty all for one single product.
  • An SKG juicer is known for its exclusive mechanism of getting the best quality juice that is almost 95% natural having all the essential nutrients and enzymes intact in the juice so that the health factor is not at all comprised.
  • Making juice from fruits as well as vegetables with the help of this juicer is extremely easier than those of the other counterparts because of its very structure and simplicity in operation.
  • The SKG New Generation Wide Chute juicer is a magnificent-motor operated juicer having the splendid speed of 60 RMPS with optimum power usage of 240 watts and simultaneously, having the topmost food grade material from TRITAN.
  • The juicer is very attractive in shape and enhances the look of the modern kitchen with its sleek silver, red and black combination of colors in the juicer.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the only mild disadvantages that this juicer carries along are its heavy weight that makes it a little bit hard to handle and only two years warranty for all the parts. Yet, owing to the other spectacular features, the SKG juicer will always be one of the best masticating juicers present in the market.