How Shop Fox Make a Great Table Saw for Multipurpose Applications

The design and working principles of shop fox make a great table saw which you can use for multipurpose applications. Before you actually start using the machine you need to understand some basic aspects of its design and working model. They help you in using the assembly an effective way. Getting to know about safety standards will teach you how to sue the saw assembly without hurting yourself and causing any damages to the object being cut and the machine itself.

Efficient Parts of Shop Fox Make a Great table Saw

  • Blade guard is one of the most critical parts of the saw. It prevents the blade from flying off and keeps it bound within the assembly.
  • Belt drive plays an important role in controlling the speed and efficiency of operations. The Shop Fox saw has triple belt drive which makes cutting faster and efficient.
  • Shop Fox has a blade adjustment system which can be customized according to the dimensions of the object. This is a highly flexible system which ensures precision cuts.
  • The table slot is spacious enough to accommodate larger sized objects for cutting. The front railing system keeps pushing the object in one direction and avoids kickback forces effectively. That means you will be protected from any injuries while working on the saw. The safety factors related to the blade, table slots, power supply units and the front rail system of shop fox make a great table saw.
  • Heavy cast hand wheels make it easy to raise and lower heavy objects with the help of levers. This helps in changing the cutting angle. Notice that the blade guard assembly moves smoothly along as you change the angle of slope with the wheels. This ensures maximum safety while using the table saw.
  • The Shop Fox saw is provided with a 4” dust collection port. This works effectively due to its position in the table assembly as 99% of the dust gets eliminated from the table.
  • The gap between the saw blade and the material can be maintained at a safe level of 1/4th This is made possible by the highly reliable locking system provided in the assembly.
  • Highly efficient anti-kick-back systems are in place to prevent accidental reverse forces causing injury to you and damages to the property around you.
  • Highly efficient cross cutting ability is provided by the Shop Fox system with saw guard and splitter. The miter gauge is flexible enough to be set and clamped at the safe angles to make cross cutting easy.
  • The table assembly can be customized for right handed and left handed users with complete adjustments.
  • Auxiliary extension units are provided which make your cutting operations simple and fast.
  • Safety clamps on the table slots ensure absolute hold over the material being cut. Loose clamping is eliminated from the system. These customized design, operational and safety features of the shop fox make a great table saw in all practical aspects.