Significance of Good Friday 2017

You must be familiar with the event on Good Friday 2017that is celebrated by Christians in the memory of sacrifices done by Jesus Christ. This is the day which is also famous by the name of Black Friday, Easter Friday, Great Friday or Holy Friday. Easter Friday is the name because it is the Friday in the week of Easter Sunday. In the history of Christianity, it holds a great importance because of many reasons. Here are some of the vital things that are practiced on this day.

Special services

In the special church services, some of the particular practices are performed. The cloths, candles, and crosses are removed from the altar and it remains completely plain. It is a common practice that no bells rang on this day before the Easter Vigil. Different colors are used at different times of the day to show respect and grief.

Fasting day

In most of the catholic churches, people consider it a day of fasting. They eat according to some special rules such as eat a full meal once in a day. Some of the people exempt meat completely from their meal on this day. The countries where it is not regarded as a holiday, people do not eat in the afternoon for some hours before 3 PM.


The liturgy of Good Friday consist of three shares. One is the liturgy of the word, second is the veneration of Cross and the last one is the Holy Communion. In the first practice, there is complete silence in the church. This shows the grief and mourning of people. In the second practice of Adoration of the cross, the altar is cleared and people show respect by kissing the cross and while singing hymns. In the third and last practice, the prayers start with “Our Father” and people eat by Breaking of Bread. Then people depart from the church and the altar remains bare, with no cloth on it.

All these practices and special services show that the Good Friday 2017 is celebrated with great importance and admiration. People follow their local customs in an excellent manner.