From time immemorial we have counted on locks to secure our homes, our offices, our valuables and even our businesses. Locksmithing is the art of creating protective mechanisms, designing and repairing locks with the purpose of protecting places and objects.

Locksmiths were perhaps born out of blacksmiths, who shaped, bent and curved metal into objects, and the early locksmiths were people that worked with metal, filing and shaping it into locks and keys. With the passage of time, the locksmith business also underwent changes.

During the 1940s, the locksmith business was a profession that involved family members- this was because most of them were drafted into war service and the few that remained behind involved their families. This was a period during which no new locks were invented- locksmithing just carried on in the same way that it did before.

However, in the 1990s, some blacksmiths began to specialize in the art of lock and key making and it was at this time that locksmithing actually became a profession. With crime and theft increasing, it became incumbent on them to introduce new locks, and it was at this time that the first kind of reversible lock came into existence. From then on, though new types of locks were produced, nothing was really revolutionary.

In 2002, locksmiths produce the “Titanium series of padlocks” – locks that looked better and functioned better. The beginning of the 21st century saw electric locks become a la mode- locks that required passwords and later introduced authentication modes like biometric scanning and face recognition.

From a world of padlocks, the locksmith business today includes RFID tags that enable entry without keys. The object was to do away with the physical key that can so easily be damaged. The fact that locksmithing is big business today is evident from the fact that there are exams and certifications that one needs to pass before becoming a professional locksmith. The value of a locksmith has increased manifold and they are recognized as invaluable members of society.

Most modern locksmiths are technologically advanced and offer many more services than they did a couple of decades ago. Today locksmith companies specialize in repairing, changing old locks, installing new ones and are well equipped to handle electronic and magnetic locks that are highly advanced.

Today locksmiths are people that you can rely on to replace missing keys, get you in and out of locked homes, offices and cars and go well beyond the conventional lock-picking. The locksmith business has evolved rapidly with the passage of time and now offer customers a wide range of services and security features that can be installed on business premises and also homes. They offer emergency services too and are available around the clock.

There is no gainsaying the fact that locksmiths have played and will continue to play a central and crucial role in protecting your assets and resources.