Most of you all already know what horse racing is but for those who do not know anything about it let me be your guide. Horse racing is a sport, which in which two or more jockeys control horses, and it is a type of, race between them the one, which reaches the finish line first wins! But it is not that simple; Horse racing has roots from the Greece, it was practiced a lot over there and in UK as well. People spend millions on buying pure breed horses and then they are properly taken care of.

One race can earn you millions, and one race can cost you millions. People place bets in millions on different horses, and it is practiced on a very huge scale. It has now become a profession and a very common activity.


There are different types of horse racing. It is practiced on different levels. Following are some of the types of horse racing.

  • Flat Racing

In this type of racing, there are two points the start line, and the finish line, the rider which reaches the finish line first wins the race. This type of racing is practiced almost everywhere it is the most common.

  • Jump Racing

There are different obstacles, which the horse has to cross in this race. The jockeys are the ones who control the horse.

  • Endurance Racing

In this, type of a race a horse to cover long distance in different countries. In addition, they are given a very intense training for these types of racing.


These are some types of racing, whichare practiced across the globe, Horse racing is gaining popularity day by day,but everything has its pros and cons.


Most of you people do not know what is happening in this industry. Today this article will shed some reality on the bitter truth of this society, the wrongs of this sport, and the cons of this sport. These things are not mentioned by horse racing syndicates .They want you to invest more and more in this sport because they are earning money on it without even realizing that what they are doing is wrong.

Therefore, the first reality is that the horses are abused in this sport. They are abused by their trainers by their jockeys and everyone. They are treated harshly they are of high-qualitybreeds,and this industry is destroying their charm. The horses are given certain drugs due to which they are made faster but that are extremely harmful for them and are damaging them a lot. They beat the horses when training them, which is not a way to train an animal, in this way they are harmed psychologically.

Horses are natural beauty and these people destroying them. The government should take strict measure against the people who are treating them badly, they should be taken care of and the people who are investing day by day in this sport should be first given detailed information about everything.