Trampolin – The New Version Of Fun Among Kids

What is trampoline?

A Trampolin is a gaming device that had its beginning with gymnastic, and is made up of a taut piece, which is a fabric with high strength and stretches over a frame made of steel with the help of springs which are coiled. This meant, for recreational activities like bouncing and are becoming very popular among kids. The fabric used in making this item is elastic in nature and hence is suitable for bouncing of people.  The springs that are connected to the metal frame provide the elasticity to this fabric.

The trampoline journey:


Trampolin at the beginning – Inuit developed a game very much matching the Trampolin, the game was to toss around dancers on a blanket in the air. This blanket was made of walrus-skin and only one could go at one time. This game was popular when it was a whale season or when it was spring. During the years of 1887 firefighters used to have devices that were similar so that they could catch men jumping because of fire from a building.

19th Century people observed performances taking on top of Trampolin when they visited circuses. They are more elastic that what are being used in the present world. The concept of putting trampolining a game was supposed to have evolved somewhere in the 20th century. As per the folklore by circus people this device came to origin to ensure their safety while they display trapeze games.

Modern Trampolin – 1936 was the year when the modern version of Trampolin was brought into light by Larry Griswold and George Nissen at the United States of America. They had an observation on the circus people who use net stretched to provide safety to the trapeze artists and thought that a piece of stretched cloth might be more useful. The commercial version started coming out in 1942. They have generic names as Rebound Tumblers.

Uses of Trampolin:

  1. Flights and training Astronauts: The United States Navy at the time of World War II started using the Trampolin as a mode of training the Navy Pilots and they were given practice sessions with concentration on special type. Once the World War II ended the flights for space started coming up and again this trampolining concept was brought to use in order to train not only The American but also the Astronauts from Soviet Union as space flying requires the travelers to be flexible to travelling in odd positions.
  2. Sport competition: Trampolining is very popular in the United States of America in which they represent gymnastic on world Class level games. It is a part of the Olympics after 2000. For sports purpose the player participating in trampolining is supposed to bounce to a height of 10 meters. While they bounce, they are also supposed to display stunts like somersaults
  3. Purpose of cross-training in other activities of sports: As the device enable to develop skills in acrobatic there are numerous games which call for the use of these devices.