Treatments for Skin Disorders with CBD Lotion

Many seasonal skin disorders could be treated effectively with CBD Lotion when it is applied on the affected parts regularly. Atopic dermatitis is one form of skin inflammation which affects your skin during summer. This is due to the increased influence of triggering factors in this season. Some of the most common factors are heat, infections, sensitive skin, abrasive effects of fabrics etc. The symptoms appear in the form of red spots in the skin surface. They can soon turn into rashes and result in inflammation. Early detection and treatment with CBD Lotion can heal them within short time.

Treating Atopic Dermatitis with CBD Lotion

  • You need to follow this simple procedure every morning before you have your shower. Take three to four teaspoons of CBD Lotion in a bowl and one teaspoon of rosemary oil and lemon concentrate. Mix well.
  • Clean the affected parts of your skin with a dry napkin.
  • Apply the CBD Lotion with the help of a cotton ball and let it soak your skin for 10 minutes. Then you can wash with lukewarm water. Avoid using soap or shampoo. After that you can have your shower.
  • You need to repeat this procedure for 2 weeks to get effective results.
  • Wear light cotton cloths and avoid skin irritants like detergents, perfume and body spray during this time. Avoid exposing the affected parts of your skin to UV radiation.
  • Drink plenty of water and fruit juices with antioxidant properties like pomegranate.

Psoriasis Cure with CBD Lotion

Psoriasis is a skin condition in which thick scales are formed on the surface layer due to accumulation of dead skin cells. Usually they appear in dry patches at different parts causing irritation.

  • The ingredients of CBD lotion like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can help in dissolving the dead skin cells and their elimination.
  • You can apply the CBD lotion continually on the affected parts of your skin and let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes before washing with warm water.
  • If the intensity of psoriasis is more you need to soak a piece of cotton napkin in CBD lotion and cover the affected parts. During the 30 minutes of soaking you can feel your skin absorbing the CBD lotion completely.
  • Repeat this procedure twice in a day for about 2 weeks. The symptoms of psoriasis will go away naturally.
  • Since it is not possible to cure psoriasis completely you need to take preventive cure action with CBD skin care methods. Avoid dairy products, citrus fruits, red meat and alcohol. Foods which help you prevent psoriasis are cucumber, tomato, garlic, apple cider vinegar and salmon.
  • Continue using natural cosmetic products which contain ingredients of CBD lotion and CDB drops every day.

CBD lotion can help your skin cells retain moisture during hot seasons of summer. For that you need to drink lot of water and healthy fluids. Avoid exposing the psoriasis affected skin parts to sun. Regular application of CBD lotion while you go out can also act as a strong sunscreen.