Top 5 Antivirus Apps You Can Download Using Wi-Fi Password Hacker

The security of your Android phones or tablets is the priority of owning them. As a user of android many people likely to use the internet on devices to run so many apps and other software’s to make the proper use of it. But instead they just precisely make their software version run slower and end up losing their devices in the first place.

That is because when you go online, it is very hard to tell which website or application has malware that can be wrong with your phones. So, it is essential that you go with having installed a trusted antivirus android app to raise the extra security and take some precautions in the first place to protect your Android Smartphone’s and tablets.

1) 360 security antivirus boost app:

Wi-Fi Password Hacker

This app is one of the most famous and highly recommended which is available right now and has downloaded by more than 90 million users. It has an excellent rating. This one comes with so many features with ability to scan your files, applications, and games.

Provides a real-time protection and also comes with the anti-theft option. You can either use it to clean to boost your apps service. The good thing about it is that it comes with app lock to protect your app and keeps the other people away from using it.

Wi-Fi Password Hacker:

2) Android-helm mobile security app:

It is an app that is known to provide so many great benefits. Its primary function is to focus on the security in including, real-time protection spyware and malware and scanning option. It requires some regular updates to make the device run more efficiently and works for app backup mode as well. It has a very cool function that allows and work perfectly with Wi-Fi password hacker you to remotely block the device, delete the stuff from it, and let your device take away from the fear of theft.

3) AVIRA Security antivirus app:

This Android antivirus app is new and has quickly grown into the most favorite one till date. It has the basic scanning features, real-time protection system, also can scan the SD memory card. It also has some modern features such as, an advisor that can help you protect you around for vulnerability.

4) AVAST security mobile app:

We all know that AVAST is the most recognizable antivirus for the PCs. Many of the people have downloaded it on their PC and have protected. Now you can download it for your Android mobile phones as well. A trusted antivirus with almost perfect ratings and greater reviews, it features, the usual scanning device procedure, application scanning, and real-time protection option that work very well with Wi-Fi password hacker as well.

It also includes antivirus database system so you can see everything about the past and present scanning threats. And it can automatically remote lock your device and app you lose it.

5) AVG Security Antivirus app:

It is another mobile security app that is popular for protecting PC’s. And it has more than 110 million downloads and a very high rating. The good thing about it is that it is very lighter compared to the other major antivirus names.

It includes real-time protection, device scanning, and database update. It has the task killer and remote device data wiping feature in which you can monitor things like the storage, data usage, and the battery.