Are you facing problems connecting to a wireless network? First, check your device’s wireless software are latest and up to date. With the passage of time technology is being upgraded and new updates are coming. Therefore, Wireless developers also regularly make new drivers updates to solve different type of wireless networking problems such as interoperability issues with access points from other users, or to address software bugs.

Device Updated Wireless Software

Here are some latest wireless Software or drivers:

Mac Operating System (Mac OS):

Mac OS usually automatically check weekly for new updates about software or drivers if you connected to the internet. This operating system can manually check for latest software or driver’s updates. If you want to check these updates manually, you can visit their website for information: TL WN721N Driver.

Android phone:

   For checking latest updates about your android phone Go to your device’s Settings menu.

After going into the menu, scroll down and click on About Phone.

The traffic might be a little bit different from phone to phone because Android phones are in different models and of different companies, each one has its graphics and own menu. So after going to about phone find out the software updates button and click on it. This option of the menu will also tell you about the version of Android you are using on your device. Your Android will now search for available updates.

You can download latest updated software by click on download and after downloading install it on your device. Your device is now up to date.


Most of the time, Windows Update does not update drivers for your wireless adapter. Instead, you have to search it yourself for updates. To get the most recent updates, you’ll have to go to the website of your wireless adapter’s manufacturer.

If you don’t know how to find the manufacturer of your wireless adapter, following steps are given below: –

Press Windows key and Pause|Break key from your keyboard, or right-click on my Computer and then go to properties.

“Device Manager” will be opened in a new pop-up window. Click on the left arrow which will show the Network Adapters. If the wireless cards identified, its name will be displayed. If it not identified, you will have an unknown device (e.g., “(?) Network Controller”) listed.

To determine the name of an unknown device, right-click the listing under “Network adapters,” select properties, and then select the Details tab. After clicking “Properties,” select Hardware Ids. Almost all manufacturers have their websites where you can download software or drivers according to your needed.