Why India Needs to Teach A Lesson to China

We all remember the legendary stories of how Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan taught a lesson to China during the thirteenth century. Likewise, it’s time for India to teach another lesson to China. A lesson which remained incomplete after Genghis Khan’s death. India should take a call for nuclear war against China and bring freedom for Tibet and Turkmenistan from China. Not just Tibet and Turkmenistan, Aksai Chin and many parts of Arunachal Pradesh is still being occupied by Chinese forces. To bring peace to these territories, India needs to act strictly and bring back what belongs to us.

There are many treaties which China doesn’t accept. Even the issues that Pandit Nehru put forth in front of China always remained unaccepted. And after all this, China is pitching with the same Nehru slogan when we all are aware that our honorable Prime Minister lost his life because of China.

We should remember “China is a snake which can bite you anytime”.

How Can India Take Down China?
1. Stop Trade with China
India is capable of producing shutting down Chinese smartphones in Indian market by producing 50 to 60% of performance based smartphones. This will abruptly strike down their 11.2 trillion’s GDP with a single swing. Though America is the biggest importer of Chinese goods but, a loss of more than 60 Billion USD will surely hit hard on China.

2. Nuclear War Against China
If there is any possibility that a war can occur between the two nations then we should go nuclear against China. They have accused our foreign minister Sushma Swaraj of being a liar in Parliament. They have again dug the graves of 1962’s Sino-Indian war.

3. No Negotiation
Now, there is no point of negotiating with China as they won’t listen to us. They never respected our views and opinions and they will keep insulting us.

4. Stand Your Grounds
Indian shouldn’t be moving back from those high positions against China. If we opt for war against China then we should target their major cities where most of the business takes place. This will be a great economic loss to them.

What Would Be The Losses If Both The Nuclear States Go Against Each Other?
1. If both the countries will fight against each other then America will be benefited from this war.

2. The United States is losing its control over the world because of these two Asian giants. If we fall apart then American is in profit.

3. To keep growing China and India should stop this fight and come to the table.

Why Should India Not Go Back To Its Initial Position?
If India goes back to its initial position then China will definitely stop building roads in POK and leave COK (China-occupied Kashmir), Tibet, Turkmenistan and Arunachal Pradesh. We should help these territories to gain independence from China. India should bring peace and freedom in their lives.

The world has seen a number of notable kings like Genghis Khan who dominated China. He is the very emperor who destroyed Persia single-handedly with his huge army by his side. So, this is the high time for India to fight with the world and bring this “evil nation” to its knees. Time to show them what are we and how powerful India can be as a nation.

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