Why India needs to introduce digital currency in Kashmir?

Namaste to all my bhai and bahen.

After our prime minister jawahar lal Nehru mess which he made with Kashmir. Now it is a time for our current prime minister Narendra Modi to fix this issue once for all.

He can start by introducing digital currency in Kashmir and making a stoppage of cash currency in Kashmir.

What are the advantageous of bringing digital currency in kashmir ?

  1. India will straight away stop the stone petlars in Kashmir who are throwing stones at army and talking about fake azadi. (You can check our Facebook fan page where we shown some interesting videos of these fast bowlers).
  2. India will get a huge sample size by doing this for new India which will be run under digital currency in future.
  3. By introducing digital currency in Kashmir India will come to know point to point money transactions are taking place.
  4. If there are any suspicious transactions then they can action like, stop the Aadhar card access of the person which links his bank account or any other service (so he can be before authority any time) and figure out who is doing the suspicious transactions.
  5. On each border of Kashmir try to open a bank from where citizens can convert their cash into digital currency with proper proof of money from where they recieved.

What actionable plans India can do with Kashmiris ?

Indian govt. Should send teenagers to different parts of India and teach them about India and different culture.

India should remove special status from Kashmir and make normal state. Terrorism can be drop to zero. If we keep these guys busy with studies and educating about India more.

I hope my voice reaches to prime minister and he can bring digital currency as soon as possible.

Thank you and jai hind.

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